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Welcome to our Website, we are QLD Based major wholesale suppliers of Automotive Air conditioning Compressors to all the various states.

All our products  are available on this site through our fully secure & functional online store. 

Just click on any of the links in this site to take you there, for full details of our unit's applications - when you find what you need, just email me before you buy, for a great price - prices shown are just for the checkouts to work.If you are in a hurry just click on the add to cart button & then follow thru to checkout.

This site also has active links to our Ebay Store  of the same name ( Should you wish to check out our credentials.).Our ebay prices are about as low as we can go, because of their exhorbinant fees, so make sure you email us thru this site and let us know the one you want for a better price. - Some times $150 cheaper!! 

We can supply any Compressor for any thing see links below.
Shown here is only a few of our units, have a look & contact us about your vehicle. Great prices at the moment on Commodore, Mazda, Hyundai, Nissan & Falcon compressors.

Shown here is only a few of our units, have a look & contact us direct if not listed for a "Hot"price !! - we are  on Quicksales & Ebay(100 % Seller).

Our suppliers & us only import the best quality OEM Compressors from all the various makers across the world & are all well established Australian Companies for decades. We supply the Automotive Trade, Mining and other sectors with OEM Compressors.

If you need a Compressor & it is not here make sure you contact us for a quote, the effort will be worth it, as we are importers & wholesalers, there will quite often be $100's difference than retail or trade for exactly the same OEM compressor.


Contact us with your phone numbers & as many details of your vehicle as possible for the best deal on any compressor at:-



They did it hard in those days - we have come a long way since then.
Airconditioning systems are very sophisticated & expensive to fix now and therefore we always say do yourself a favour and have an accredited repairer install the unit. We take no responsibility, except for the warranty on the compressor - provided it has not been "Butchered" by some "Back Yarder".